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Your One-Stop Shop

At The Emporium, we're more than a marketplace – we're a community where business dreams come to life. Explore, showcase, and thrive with us. Your journey begins here.

Welcome to The Emporium

Welcome to The Emporium – your premier destination for a unique and thriving shopping experience in south-central Iowa! Step into a community where entrepreneurial dreams come to life, and a diverse array of businesses flourish. Whether you're a shopper eager to explore a treasure trove of offerings or a business owner seeking the perfect platform to showcase your products, The Emporium is your go-to destination. Join us in creating a vibrant space where local businesses, side hustles, crafters, and more come together to redefine the shopping landscape. Discover, connect, and thrive at The Emporium – where every visit is a celebration of community and creativity!


Store Space Rental

Renting store space at The Emporium is a breeze! For just $3 per square foot monthly, businesses can secure their spot, inclusive of rent, utilities, security, hang tags, website and social media promotion, and a central cashier. Join us and let your business flourish in a vibrant, all-inclusive environment.

Display Case Rental

Elevate your product visibility at The Emporium with our 1'x6' display cases available for rent at just $40.00 per month. With ample space in these display cases, you can give your goodies the attention they deserve. Have old jewelry or knick-knacks lying around? Display cases are open to all people who have something to sell!

Weekly Vendor Shows

Dive into the excitement of The Emporium's weekly vendor shows! For a mere $25 entry fee, businesses can sign up for the show of their choice, bringing their unique offerings to the forefront. Join us on Saturdays in January-April from 9am-2pm for a showcase of our local vendors!

We're loved by business owners & community members alike.

At The Emporium, love flows from both our community members and cherished business owners. Entrepreneurs find their footing with reduced risks in a supportive community of like-minded individuals, while locals adore the delightful shopping experience. With a diverse array of new businesses, a bustling concessions area, a cozy coffee bar, and a treasure trove of varied shops, The Emporium is the go-to one-stop destination for a fantastic shopping spree.

Vendor with products

Our Vendors

Weekly Vendor Show

January - April 2024

Saturdays 9:00am-2:00pm

Get ready for the ultimate shopping extravaganza every weekend at The Emporium with our unmissable Weekly Vendor Show! Hosting a vendor pop-up every weekend throughout 2024, The Emporium is rapidly transforming into the go-to shopping destination for south-central Iowa. Whether you're a side hustler, crafter, baker, distributor, vintage seller, or a small business owner, The Emporium is the place to be in 2024. With opportunities ranging from 1-day Saturday pop-up markets to monthly space rentals, it's the perfect platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their wares and thrive.

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