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Getting involved with The Emporium is as easy as embracing a welcoming community and bringing your business dreams to life. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or a budding business owner, join our vibrant marketplace by renting store space, securing a display case, or participating in our weekly vendor shows for a dynamic showcase of your products. Dive into a community where risks are reduced, and support is abundant. Shoppers looking for a fantastic retail experience can explore the diverse range of businesses while enjoying the concessions, coffee bar, and the lively atmosphere. Connect, showcase, and thrive – getting involved with The Emporium is your key to entrepreneurial success!

Post An Ad

1.  Post An Ad

The first level of involvement at The Emporium is to post ads on our walls. Picture this: your business front and center on our walls in cool 10"x12" frames. It's like a mini art gallery but for awesome businesses! This is a great option for service-based businesses. Shoppers will be checking out your biz while grabbing their goodies. All this awesomeness for just $25.00 a month. Let's turn those walls into your personal promo space!

2.  Display Case

Showcase your products at The Emporium! For $40.00 a month, business owners can show off their products in our 1'x6' display cases. With ample space in these display cases, you can give your goodies the attention they deserve. It's not just about a display; it's about making a statement. Have old jewelry or knick-knacks lying around? Display cases are open to all people who have something to sell- not just those with a registered business. 

3.  Store Space

The Emporium is the perfect place to jump-start your business! Business owners can rent physical space at The Emporium to home their business. Here's the scoop: it's a steal at just $3 per square foot. Imagine this - your business in a cozy spot, with all the perks included. The monthly fee covers your space rent, utilities, security cameras for peace of mind, hang tags, a spot on our website and social media for some digital love, and even a central cashier to keep things running smoothly. You don't even need to be at the store 24/7 for your products to sell. Ready to make The Emporium your new home? Fill out an application below.

4.   Weekly Vendor

The Emporium hosts a weekly vendor show on Saturdays! Businesses can sign up for as many shows as they'd like. Bring your own setup – tables, chairs, and displays – and let your products do the talking. It's a DIY showcase where your business gets the freedom to shine. The shows are juried, which guarantees a diverse group of products. For just $25, you get a prime spot at our weekly extravaganza. It's like a mini market where you call the shots. Ready to make Saturdays your business's time to shine? Sign up and let the vendor show begin!

Display Case
Store Space
Weekly Vedor Show


Please fill out an application to be considered for involvement at The Emporium. Leslie will respond to schedule a phone call or in-person meeting for further discussion. You don't have to own a formal business to be considered- you just need a product or service to sell! Thank you!

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